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"This is nG 7"

The 7th and probably final part of the "This is nG" Series, undoutably the best one of them all!

What!? A NG website re-design?
Not exactly, this is a brand new website that I've made out of pure boredom. Completely built in html/css by me (except for the embedded forums, those are made by vanillaforums) I wanted to have a website that was modern yet simple and not clunky and slow like the older one, I also transfered hosts to a faster one called vexxhost. On top of all of this, I optimized the website with cloudfare (cause you know, yolo) just to make this website even faster!

Don't get me wrong however, this is by no means a "competition attempt" to PHUN forums or anything else for that matter, I just had a moment of awesome and decided to capitalize on it. You won't see many posts here, except in the forums; where it will be mostly for support purposes.

Hope you like the site everyone :)
Will there be a "This is nG 8"?
Short answer : No

But really, I don't know... The idea seems natural but with THPS being so dead, some nG members deciding to jump ship and try for other teams and in my personal case, having an actual life of myself to attend to and having moved on to a different gaming community, I just personally don't see the point to make one.

Maybe if nG members annoy me enough, we can go at it for one last go, at this point however, I'm not holding my breath, nG will always live on, in it's current dormant state most-likely and thats fine, it's a good way to let it be.